Marrying Faith and Psychology

Our ministry marries the best principles of faith and psychology to inspire strong choices, good tools, and joyful relationships.

Marrying Faith and Psychology

Our ministry marries the best principles of faith and psychology to inspire strong choices, good tools, and joyful relationships.

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Gary_D._Chapman (002)

Gary Chapman, Ph.D

Author of The Five Love Languages
New York Times Best Selling Author

Fr. Nicholas and Dr. Roxanne Louh have blended not only their lives in marriage, but what they have learned in their vocations to provide insights and practical suggestions for becoming the person you were designed to be. I highly recommend this book for all who aspire to reach their potential for God and good in the world.

michael-hyatt_2 (002)

Michael Hyatt

New York Times Bestselling Author

We all want to live healthier, more productive lives. Yet so often, we get sidetracked by unhealthy habits and addictions. That leads to discouragement about our lack of spiritual progress. Fr. Nicholas and Dr. Roxanne Louh can help. Renewing You: A Priest, a Psychologist, and a Plan is a practical primer on how to become your best self. Here are the tools you need to build better habits and stronger relationships, starting today!

hanegraaff (002)

Hank Hanegraaff

President of the Christian Research Institute and host of the Bible Answer Man broadcast and the Hank Unplugged podcast, and author of numerous books, including Truth Matters, Life Matters More: The Unexpected Beauty of an Authentic Christian life

Drawing deeply from Scripture and the wisdom of the ancient Church, Father (Dr.) Nicholas and Presvytera (Dr.) Roxanne Louh inspire you to grow in relationship with the Lover of your soul, expel guilt, receive peace, nurture life and health in personal relationships, and aspire to spiritual and emotional maturity for the greater benefit of the Kingdom of God. I highly recommend this book!

Robert Krantz (002)

Robert Krantz

Writer, actor, filmmaker, “Faith, Hope, & Love"

I absolutely LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this book! It is spiritually uplifting, very funny, informative, poignant, touching, candid, thought provoking and challenging. When you read it, you can just feel the time, energy and thought that they put into writing this book. And, boy, did they succeed. This book has an anointing on it. So many GREAT passages in it. For those of you who are looking to be spiritually renewed (and who isn’t?), don’t look any further. This book does exactly what it says: It will renew your spirit and bring you closer to God. Amen.

Tim_OfficersDirectors (002)

Tim Tassopoulos

President & COO, Chick-fil-A, Inc.

Father Nicholas and Dr. Roxanne have summarized the key principles for living a healthier life spiritually, emotionally, physically, and mentally in this insightful book. These are life lessons grounded in both wisdom and experience.

Constantinou photo (002)

Dr. Jeannie Constantinou

Professor, author, host of Search the Scriptures Live!

Spiritual ‘power couple’ Fr. Nicholas and Dr. Roxanne Louh, a parish priest and psychologist, have combined their considerable personal and professional experience to create a book which naturally and seamlessly integrates psychology, physiology and faith. The Louhs address the challenge of how to envision and create a life of purpose and satisfaction which soars above and beyond what we might imagine possible. Practical guidelines, proven methods and various techniques provide a flight plan to conquer our ruts, inaction, excuses and bad habits. Employing solid scientific information, relatable examples from daily life, biblical insights and spiritual inspiration, the Louhs encourage us to climb into the pilot's seat of our own lives, to grasp the controls, to wing upwards and to soar to the heights of the God-given potentiality within each of us.

faculty-jamess-skedros (002)

Dr. James C. Skedros

Michael G. and Anastasia Cantonis Professor of Byzantine Studies (Holy Cross) Lecturer on Greek (Harvard Divinity School)

This exceptionally readable book refashions the wisdom of the Orthodox spiritual tradition for those resident in the noisy and often distracting world of day-to-day living.  An enjoyable and practical guide for personal and spiritual growth, Renewing You, needs to be read with intention or it will become yet another book of self-improvement collecting dust on our shelves.

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We are a Priest and a Psychologist, a marriage of two different worlds and two different fields of study. Our seemingly opposing fields of Faith and Psychology join forces to provide you with the type of inward reflection that leads to lasting outward transformation. Practical life strategies are cast through the lens of biblical aspiration and self-reflection with the intent to equip listeners with the foundation to approach a life that more closely resembles the potential God sets forth for all of us. 

For the last 10 years, we have worked together merging our professions to help people seek the changes they want most for their lives.  We have 30 years of combined experience working with individuals and families. Our education and training inform the suggestions, insights, and advice we share with you. We are booked to speak at venues across the United States. We also enjoy the many opportunities we are granted to share our work on live television, radio, and in various publications.