Encouraging Others

Older man holding sign that reads Seeking Human Kindness

It’s interesting in life how much what we say can affect another human being. This is true for both the joy we bring to others, as well as the sadness we can bring toward others through negativity or the complete absence of uplifting words. It’s always interesting what you can learn from someone by asking…

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Self Injury

Girl reading book in bathtub

Self-injury has become a new phenomenon that has really challenged today’s society as we know it. Our teens are especially at risk, with research showing rates of self-injury as high as 24% amongst high school students. Unfortunately, the internet has in many ways added to the sensationalizing of this epidemic and has introduced the idea…

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Listen To Your Body

Young boy hiding his face in his hands at the dinner table

Our 6 year-old daughter Gabriella sometimes makes the most insightful observations. The other day she said, “Mom when I feel grumpy or tired, all the ‘good stuff’ just goes away. It’s like I can’t remember all the ways I know I am supposed to behave.” Wow, don’t we all struggle with that sometimes, even as…

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