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Feelings teach us something about the situations we face in life.

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Silhouette of man and woman riding bicycles

Love and Appreciate One Another

When was the last time you thought about what you loved most about your loved ones? Or, the last time…

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Flight safety card

Parenting Myths Part 3

“Always put your children’s needs ahead of your own.” If you have ever traveled by plane, you have heard the…

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Happy family hugging

Parenting Myths Part 2

“Children Should Never See Their Parents Argue.” Children need good examples of how to put words on their angry and…

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Jar of candy

Parenting Myths Part 1

This past month I was asked to speak about 6 myths most parents have about Parenting. The first myth was…

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Sheep on mountain with sunset

Life Doesn’t Always Go As Planned

We pray and still, sometimes life doesn’t go as planned. We then wonder “Why?” Is this a lesson God is…

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More Marital Myths

More on the misconceptions of marriage and the advice we all receive from loved ones. Are they fact or fiction?…

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Marital Myths

As many of you may have read, I am beginning a series on the misconceptions of marriage.  I was asked…

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Blind Justice statue

Marriage Misconceptions

Recently, I was asked to speak about the misconceptions people have in marriages. They wanted to know what was true…

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Photo of girl smiling during golden hour

Positive Thoughts

We are all equipped with the innate ability to feel compassion and altruism toward others, right? If that is the…

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Woman and man smiling at each other at outdoor event

Parent Happiness

For many of the parents out there reading this, you know that once a couple’ brings home a baby, there…

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Older man holding sign that reads Seeking Human Kindness

Encouraging Others

It’s interesting in life how much what we say can affect another human being. This is true for both the…

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