Listen To Your Body

Young boy hiding his face in his hands at the dinner table

Our 6 year-old daughter Gabriella sometimes makes the most insightful observations. The other day she said, “Mom when I feel grumpy or tired, all the ‘good stuff’ just goes away. It’s like I can’t remember all the ways I know I am supposed to behave.” Wow, don’t we all struggle with that sometimes, even as…

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Healing Is Hard Isn’t It?

yarn caught on barbed wire

Have you ever felt like someone has wronged you? I mean really wronged you. Reacted angrily when you felt you just didn’t’ deserve it? Treated you in a way that  felt completely unjust? When these moments happen, we are just filled with righteous indignation. Our mind attaches itself to the wrong, and just like beading…

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