More Marital Myths

Lamp on table by bed in dark room

More on the misconceptions of marriage and the advice we all receive from loved ones. Are they fact or fiction? Probably one of the most commonly heard pieces of marital advice that we hear before we get married is “never go to bed angry.” Sounds innocent enough, right? Well, even this one can get us…

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Marital Myths

Paper card hard hanging on a string

As many of you may have read, I am beginning a series on the misconceptions of marriage.  I was asked to speak about this recently and it seems many people struggle with pieces of advice that don’t always pan out. The second myth I spoke about was “Love is all you need.” The truth is,…

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Marriage Misconceptions

Blind Justice statue

Recently, I was asked to speak about the misconceptions people have in marriages. They wanted to know what was true and what was not, in terms of the time honored advice that we all get from loved ones about what we should expect in a marriage. Well, the first one I was asked about was…

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