Life Doesn’t Always Go As Planned

Sheep on mountain with sunset

We pray and still, sometimes life doesn’t go as planned. We then wonder “Why?” Is this a lesson God is trying to teach me? Was it something I did that I am now paying for?

The truth is we don’t always understand the “why” for what happens to us in this life. As Christians, we sometimes think that bad things shouldn’t happen to good people. But, the only thing we were ever promised in this life, was that God would always be with us.

He is with us when we are filled with Joy, and He is with us when we are filled with sorrow. He can carry us through the toughest of times if we keep our eyes and hearts always on Him. As human beings, we feel pain, sorrow and suffering, but through the journey, and all the emotions that strife and unwanted change can bring, we know that He is with us and will bring us back to peace. It helps me to remember that no emotion ever lasted forever. We all return to baseline at some point.

It helps me sometimes to just say, “Lord please be with us.” Funny thing is, as soon as I say that, I find myself saying, “I know that you are.” God says for us to call out to Him when we are in need. His strength will get through our trials. Whether the trial resolves or our outlook on it changes, we all move through our trials to finding everlasting peace again if we keep our eyes on Him. So, let us all set our eyes and our hearts on the one true God that carries us through the trials of this life so that we may have everlasting lives with Him.