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Live with The Louhs, our LIVE call-in radio program, airs the second and fourth Tuesday of each month at 8:00 PM ET and brings you what we all need - friendly counsel from a priest and a psychologist to help you unlock your God-given potential.

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  • Changing Your World October 20, 2021
    Are you happy with the world you live in? Do you wish you could change it, but feel unsure how to do that? Join Fr. Nick and Dr. Roxanne Louh for a live conversation on what you can actually do to change your world.
  • Discovering your Spiritual Gifts October 13, 2021
    Join Fr. Nick and Dr. Roxanne Louh and guest Bill Marianes to explore how you can discover your spiritual gifts and why some people struggle to discern what their gift
  • Overcoming Guilt October 5, 2021
    Are you struggling with guilt? How is it impacting your life? Spend time with Fr. Nick and Dr. Roxanne Louh as they talk about the causes and effects of guilty feelings and share practical tools for you to overcome unhealthy guilt in your life
  • The Psychological Impact of COVID September 29, 2021
    Dr. Roxanne welcomes Dr. Casey Clardy to talk about the psychological and emotional impact of the pandemic. They also promote the upcoming OCAMPR conference in Phoenix November 4 - 6, 2021
  • Are These the End Times? September 23, 2021
    Join Fr. Nick and Dr. Roxanne Louh for this premier episode of their new weekly program, Live with the Louhs! They host Dr. Jeannie Constantinou for a fascinating conversation on current events and the end times.