Girl reading book in bathtub

Self Injury

Self-injury has become a new phenomenon that has really challenged today’s society as we know it. Our teens are especially…

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Young boy hiding his face in his hands at the dinner table

Listen To Your Body

Our 6 year-old daughter Gabriella sometimes makes the most insightful observations. The other day she said, “Mom when I feel…

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cup of coffee on a table

Stop Changing Other People and Begin To Change You

I have recently noticed that when I listen to people sharing about what’s wrong in their lives, it appears that…

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Rainbow in the sky near a palm tree

God Is Always With Us

Life can be scary and unpredictable at times. We plan our day, we plan our week, we even plan the…

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Man rubbing his temples looking stressed

Dealing With Difficult Relationships

Is there a relationship you find very difficult to deal with? Someone whom every time you interact with, you are…

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Mother father and two small children sitting on bed smiling at each other

Knowing Each Other

Do you ever wonder what your partner or child is really thinking about? Who they really are and what they…

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Young man looking at his reflected face in window pane

Thinking About Our Thinking

I spoke to a woman today who was feeling frustrated by her irritability with her teenage daughter. She stated that…

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sunlight behind a large dark storm cloud

Storms of Life

Have you ever pulled up a stream of texts from someone you haven’t spoken to in a while? What did…

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Young woman in dark room leaning her head on her hand

Worry and Fear

I used to read a book to my children when they were young, simply entitled, “We’re going on a bear…

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Smiling parents and child at dinner table

Slowing Down

Funny, I heard it said the other day that when asked how we are doing? The new “fine,” has become,…

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yarn caught on barbed wire

Healing Is Hard Isn’t It?

Have you ever felt like someone has wronged you? I mean really wronged you. Reacted angrily when you felt you…

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Man and woman grasping hands to make peace


I always knew that my career as a psychologist was going to be a blessing in my life, after all…

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